Our Key People

Renee Fruiht

Renee Fruiht has been with Crownhill Builders, Inc. since 1996.  She comes from an extensive background in the construction industry with over 23 years of experience.  She previously worked with various facets of the industry with organizations such as Eilson AFB in Fairbanks, Alaska where she worked exclusively for a framing contractor on the military instillation on projects specific to the military community.

As the President of Crownhill Builders, Renee is responsible for business development, project management and the overall operations of the current business ventures that Crownhill is actively pursuing.

Renee began her career at Crownhill as the Office Manager working her way up to Operations Manager and was promoted to Director of Operations in 2007.  Renee became President of Crownhill Builders in 2012. 

“It is truly a great experience to be a part of the growth that Crownhill Builders has had over the years”, says Fruiht.  “I am proud of the projects that we have completed and believe that our clients feel the same way”.  Fruiht continued by saying, “We have a great team and coming to work is a pleasure”.

Renee enjoys travel, gardening, shopping and jewelry beading.  She is also the proud mother of a daughter, Adriana.

Carlos Gonzalez
General Superintendent

Carlos Gonzalez has been with the Crownhill team since December 2004. He comes from generations of construction workers and has been in the business for over 24 years. Carlos has an Associates degree from St. Phillips College in construction and is a certified welder. With almost twenty years of concrete experience, sixteen years of flooring experience, thirteen years in the roofing business and fifteen years of electrical experience, Carlos is more than qualified to handle any construction project in his path.

As General Superintendent, Carlos is responsible for multiple tasks (including general management of several superintendents and foreman). From the initial project research, down to the “nuts and bolts” of the job, Carlos is the person who holds it all together. Being previously self employed in the construction business for many years, Carlos is truly a valuable asset to the Crownhill team. Having worked both independently and with different construction organizations, Carlos knows the business inside and out.

“I see the company growing everyday and prospering in many ways”, says Gonzalez. “I look forward to Crownhill Builders Inc. becoming a household name and being recognized in the construction community as the builder of choice”, he continued.

Carlos enjoys hunting, fishing and racquetball. He is the proud father of five children and two grandchildren, Amber Marie and Matthew Xavier.

Sherrie Arnold
Project Manager

Sherrie Arnold began working for Crownhill Builders two years ago and during that time, not only has she grown to be a significant and valuable asset to the Crownhill Team, she has strengthened the company's ability to complete projects on time and under budget.

As project manager, Sherrie spends much of her time communicating wtih the subcontractors, architects, engineers and suppliers in order to keep the project on schedule. She has an excellent eye for quality control and a strong attention to detail. In addition, Sherrie includes the following part ofher commitment to the job: scheduling, submittals, job costing, budget control, value engineering and contact administration

Conrad Ochoa

Conrad Ochoa has been working for Crownhill Builders a combination of fifteen years, ten of those years he worked as a self-employed Rough Carpentry/Drywall/Paint subcontractor and for four years now he has directly employed with CHB as a superintendent running various types of projects from start to finish. As a superintendent, Conrad is responsible for all operations/coordination of work at the jobsite between all subcontractors and suppliers, he also completes a daily field report, performs weekly jobsite meetings, takes all the progress photos, develops and implements the CPM Schedule, handles all punch out lists and ensures each items completion, handles closeout procedures, change orders, safety meetings and ensures compliance of safety rules.

Harry Baumann

Harry is an extremely successful, knowledgeable and competent superintendent that Crownhill Builders is proud to have on its team. He has been involved with numerous municpal, industrial, civil and commercial projects as well as bringing to the table an extensive knowledge of road, site work, utility, structual steel, concrete, hvac and finish out work.

Robert Hoek

Robert Hoek is past President of Crownhill Builders Inc. and was one of the company’s co-founders in 1975. A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Robert continued his education at the University of Tennessee, where he began pursuing a law degree. He also attended San Antonio College, where he completed two years in courses towards an Associate's degree in Home Building. Robert went on to obtain a Texas Real Estate Brokers license in the late 1970’s. Robert also served as a Commissioned Officer in the United States Air Force as a First Lieutenant in the early 1970’s.

Robert began his career working as a general contractor for Charles C. Madden and later for Jagger and Associates (Embrey) in the development and construction areas.

Having over 30 years of experience in the construction business, Robert prides himself on his overwhelming ability to communicate effectively with clients, peers, co-workers and the construction community as a whole. Robert has been dubbed with such organizations as, Texas Association of Builders, the Builders Exchange of Texas Inc., and the Greater San Antonio Builders Association, just to name a few.

“Rob” is married to wife Stacey and has two children, Courtney and Whitney. He enjoys hiking, reading, traveling and yoga.


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